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  • 2008-02-02 (土) 14:41

Cring & Game Point Calculation

Cring Calculation:
BB Tanks uses ‘Cring’ as its in-game currency. Many game related items can be bought with Crings. For all new players of BB Tanks, 100,000 Crings will be given for each channel. Players can earn more Cring by winning from games played. The following below is the formula for calculating the winning Cring amount:

Cring Calculation

Ex) If a 3 vs 3 game was played and the total amount of Cring items used in game equaled 240,000, each winner would earn 60,000 Crings according to the above formula.

Point Calculation:
BB Tanks’ point system is based on a Rating Ladder system. The Rating Ladder system is a point calculation system in which a certain point is added to a player for each game won. For example, if a player wins a game, 1 point will be added. When a player loses a game, 1 point will be deducted. Players will be rated according to the total points earned.

Considering the average level for each team, the point contribution will differ depending on which team wins. In team mode, if a lower ranked team wins against a higher ranked team, the lower ranked team will earn more points than if it had been a mid ranked team who won against a higher ranked team. Similarly, a higher ranked team will lose more points for losing to a lower ranked team then to a team with similar rankings. With that said, higher ranked teams will earn fewer points on victories against lower ranked teams, compared to the points it would earn on victories against similar ranked teams. In contrast, lower ranked teams will lose fewer points for losses against higher ranked teams, as opposed to points it would lose against other lower ranked teams.

Considering the game participation rate in each level, the point contribution will also differ depending on each player. It is assumed that the highest ranking player from the winning team has contributed the most to the team’s victory. Therefore, the highest rank in each team will earn the most points, and the lowest ranked team member will earn the least amount of points from the victory. For the losing team, it is assumed that the highest ranking player, who should have contributed the most, but in fact, did not, will lose the most amounts of points from the defeat. Similarly, the lowest ranking player for the losing team will also lose the least amount of points.

Total points will reflect combinations of the rules described above. Therefore, higher ranked players have no reason to hesitate being in the same team as lower ranked players. Additionally, lower ranked players do not have to seek higher ranked players to earn more points.


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