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  • 2008-02-02 (土) 14:36
  1. Normal Mode
    No limitations on item use and choice of battle.
  2. Fire Mode
    Fire Mode is played only with offensive weapons. Fire Mode restricts usage of weapons to only 4 items: Double Fire, Amplifier, Satellite, and Tornado Pierce. Since all of the weapons are used for offense only, games will progress very rapidly. If there are other weapons other than the four allowed weapons in the system, those forbidden weapons will be displayed in grey, and will not be available for usage.
  3. Boss Mode
    Each team has an assigned leader. The goal of this mode is to protect your own team’s leader while trying to assassinate your opponents leader. If your team’s leader is assassinated first then your opponents are awarded the victory.

    • Assigning a New Leader
      In order to change the leader, the existing leader can click on another team member in the game waiting room to assign the leadership role.
    • Outcome of the Game
      Once the opponents leader is unable to fight in the battle, your team will be declared the winer and vice versa.
    • Bonus Tip
      When your team’s leader is surrounded by the enemies, it is wise to call the leader in with the Summon Cannon.
      If your leaders energy level falls down to a critical level, you can also use the Energy Cannon or any other team energy items and rejuvenate his energy.
      You can also team initiate an attack against the enemy boss, by luring him into where your members are surrounded.
  4. Special Weapon Mode
    In this mode, players can only attack with their Special Weapon (secondary weapon). The Regular Weapon (primary weapon) will be grayed out.


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